[honeymelt] 142 icons


68 ➟ Vocaloid
47 ➟ Mixed ani!manga (bakuretsu hunters, black★rock shooter, bleach, cardcaptor sakura, code geass, dogs, kaichou wa maid-sama!, k-on!, majin tantei nougami neuro, mirai nikki, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, princess tutu, queen's blade, sailor moon tengen toppa gurren-lagann, to-love-ru)
09 ➟ Miscellaneous art
08 ➟ Video games (.hack//g.u., final fantasy x, the idol m@ster, kingdom hearts ii, touhou project)
10 ➟ Musicians (2ne1, anna tsuchiya, the gazette, girls' generation)

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shake mayo baby~
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[interweaving] 68 Kuroshitsuji II .gif icons

Extremely extremely long time no post! Thank you Yami for holding the fort ;_; ♥ Anyway! I've been spending my summer bumming around (it's weird being in summer in July/August! @_@) watching Kuroshitsuji II, so here are some Kuroshitsuji icons. |Db

68 Kuroshitsuji II icons (all .gifs) [UP TO EPISODE 9, MAY BE SPOILERY SO ~BEWARE]

Also sorry I kind of gave up putting them in episode order :x :x

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[blossoming] icon tutorial 01

Alright, so orijinaru kindly requested a tutorial of this icon from my latest icon post (which is here) but since I don't keep any .psd files of icons I've finished with, I'm re-creating it to the best of my memory. ^^;;

PROGRAM Photoshop CS.
ORIGINAL Image (Pixiv -artist unknown).

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[blossoming] 157 icons

I AM STILL ALIVE, I SWEAR. I finally found some time to clear out my icon folder that's been collecting months worth of dust. ;; SO HAVE A FUCKTON OF ICONS... and we also see what fandoms take priority...

93 ➟ Vocaloid
27 ➟ Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
23 ➟ Mixed ani!manga (bakuretsu hunters, bleach, code geass, fullmetal alchemist, k-on!, katekyo hitman reborn!, kuroshitsuji, macross frontier, queen's blade, tabecha dame, original(?) art)
07 ➟ Mixed video games (.hack//g.u., guilty gear xx)
05 ➟ Musicians (anna tsuchiya, the gazette, mika nakashima)
02 ➟ You're Beautiful (K-Drama)

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[blossoming] 120 icons

33 ➟ Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
20 ➟ Code Geass
33 ➟ Mixed animanga (angel sanctuary, bakuretsu hunters, black lagoon, dogs, k-on!, kuroshitsuji, majin tantei nougami neuro, misc. miwa shirow, sailor moon, skip beat!, sundome, to-love-ru, x/1999)
11 ➟ Mixed video games (ff vii: ac, kingdom hearts)
07 ➟ Musicians (alice nine., anna tsuchiya, lm.c, the gazette)
17 ➟ Vocaloid

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[blossoming] 112 icons

It was starting to bug me, so I completely re-did the tags here. At least it looks somewhat more organized now. I stopped when the entires were hitting back from 2006, though. You guys can manually sift through the ancient entries yourselves. ;D Most of my files from that back are dead now, anyway.

EDIT: kurutteiru has a new layout! Hope you're okay with it, Eve~XD

Anyway, it was time to unclog my icon folders, so here's another icon post, which is not bad since my last post was in May so perhaps I'm getting into a regular cycle (or not). Hmm, obviously most of this post consists of TTGL icons—namely Yoko. I'm on a Yoko kick; what can I say? :P Mostly variations as well which is why there's quite the quantity in this post. :\

45 ➟ Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
35 ➟ Mixed animanga + manwha (bride of the water god, code geass, dengeki daisy, dogs, majin tentei nogami neuro, nana, r-18, sailor moon)
11 ➟ Mixed video games (devil may cry, ff:x, ff:xii, kingdom hearts ii)
07 ➟ Musicians (アンティック-珈琲店-, the gazette)
06 ➟ Vocaloid

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[blossoming] dogs moodtheme (re-post)

I keep forgetting to do this. I've been meaning to move the DOGS moodtheme I posted back in 2006 (rofl) here instead of keeping it on my personal journal.

Note: This has just been copied and pasted so I don't even know if the links are active. I doubt anyone would want to use this moodtheme, but if you do and the links are dead, just hit me up with a comment~

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[blossoming] 255 S.t.a.r.S screencaps

Well, I decided it would be cool to make some screencaps for the first time. And since I like to icon Yoko like nobody's business, I decided that capping the new video would be awesome. I didn't think I'd accumulate that much, so thus I decided that I may as well share it with anyone who wants them~:D

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[blossoming] 89 icons

I sat and sat and sat, deciding on the best way to set up these icons. SERIOUS BUSINESS, RIGHT? FUCK. :/ But yeah. My icon folder was piling up and I hate setting up huge ass icon posts, so. Here's a post! Mostly iContest submissions and text/textless variations as per usual. XD


32 ➟ Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
23 ➟ Mixed animanga + manwha (black lagoon, bride of the water god, dengeki daisy, desire climax, dogs, majin tantei nogami neuro, nana, pink sniper, shinobi no onna, to-love-ru)
04 ➟ Final Fantasy (ffvii: ac, ffx-2)
06 ➟ Kingdom Hearts
13 ➟ Musicians (the gazette, anna tsuchiya, koda kumi, olivia)
08 ➟ Tokidoki
02 ➟ Miscellaneous

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[blossoming] 64 icons


Well. Here's my first batch of 2009. :| Not much of a batch; mostly variants of each icon, 'cause I can't decide what looks better and I like giving the text/textless option. Anyway, you'll probably see my next icon post six months from now. Haha.

03 ➟ .hack//G.U.
02 ➟ Ah! Megami-Sama!
02 ➟ DOGS
01 ➟ Fatal Frame
09 ➟ Final Fantasy X-2
03 ➟ The GazettE
02 ➟ The GazettE — LEECH PV girl
06 ➟ Kingdom Hearts II
01 ➟ LM.C
03 ➟ Midnight Secretary
05 ➟ Namie Amuro
01 ➟ NANA
03 ➟ Otoko Hime to Mahou no Lamp
03 ➟ Private Prince
05 ➟ Sailor Moon
01 ➟ Shinobi no Onna
02 ➟ SuG
08 ➟ Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
04 ➟ X/1999

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